Friday, 18 May 2012

Diet experiment

I have decided to do a lil dietary experiment, suggested by a friend of mine. We are going to eat only animal foods for 4 weeks or so (though I won't be as strict - see below).
I've been slacking a lot with my diet recently, and I haven't seemed to have been able to get away with it, so I think it's good for me to do this experiment. I've been meaning to do it for a while actually, but finally decided to actually take the plunge! Plus doing it with someone makes it a lot easier.

Now I don't know if the time I have chosen to do this is the most ideal. I have exams coming up, and finish on June 8th. On the one hand I have no time to make extravagant meals or do baking, so I won't be doing that. But on the other hand, I'll be wanting 'treats' after a hard day of revision, plus I won't be able to stock up on grass-fed meat from the farmer's market as often. So I've decided to not be ultra strict with myself, but rather just focus on my main goals which are to:

-Drastically reduce carbs
-Eat more raw and fermented foods
- Limit fibre
- Avoid huge meals

So the foods I will allow myself in unlimited amounts : grass-fed beef and lamb, lamb liver, hearts, beef marrow bones, raw eggs, raw milk (fermented)

However, I will also allow myself some vegetables, low sugar fruits (berries) and coconut oil, in order to maintain variety and improve taste.  If I absolutely can't resist, I will also allow myself limited quanitites of white rice (a pretty much benign starch), BUT only once or twice a week, after a workout, and only 50g carb worth.

Overall this will be a huge improvement on my dietary habits of late, and I'm hoping to see some benefits health wise. I'll do a weekly update, on what I've eaten and if I've noticed any changes. I'm looking forward to this!


  1. Going to be tough mayne, got to hang-ah-lang in there! ;) I may include local greens myself. Like wild garlic mustard and stuff.

  2. Good luck. With your exams and your strictness. I see no dextrose is allowed here! :p x

  3. Haha no dextrose in sight Eddy! and thanks :) x