Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I'm back

After a long blogging hiatus where I was busy with exams, travelling, and more, I'm finally back to blogging! I will post some food posts from my travels around South America and Europe in due course. After months of semi-primal eating, and bad sleeping habits, I'm finally getting back to living in a way to optimize health. So I'm slowly scaling back bedtime to around 10:30pm and focusing more on organic meat and veg with reduced carbs instead of tons of rice and other grains. I've also begun experimenting with bulletproof coffee , which I am still in the early days of so will expand on that later! 
For now, enjoy this simple lamb chop recipe. All I did was make a spice mix of 1T turmeric, 1T cumin, 1t chilli powder, salt and pepper and rubbed it into some lamb chops and cooked in some coconut oil till rare.