Monday, 17 November 2014

Crispy, crunchy, salty goodness

Sometimes, crazy hectic life gets in the way of more important things. Sometimes your thoughts get in the way of more important things. Sometimes you forget what the important things actually are. And sometimes this requires a re-evaluation of your life and your priorities. I've been through this recently, but I'm re-finding myself. Over the past couple of weeks I've got back in the healthy eating/regularly exercising thing and enjoying it so much, I can't imagine falling much off the wagon again. I've got my sleep back in order. I've ordered a bunch of nootropics (L-theanine, Ashwaghanda, Rhodeola rosea, tulsi tea, etc) which have helped immensely. I've purchased a heart variability monitor. I'mt weaking and refining and striking for optimal health. And it feels REALLY good. I want to blog regularly.I want to post all my delicious recipes (including the occasional treat ;-) ) and I want to keep track of my fitness goals. It's all happening, baby! And today I'm going to share crispy kale chips. They're everywhere, they're packaged and sold to health nuts, but it's easier and cheaper to make your own. I do mine simply with salt, and honestly it's the easiest and tastiest vegetable I'm eating these days. And it's super healthy too which is just a bonus! :)


A whole bunch of kale
Coconut oil


1. Tear or chop the kale up into bits, removing the stem (it's too fibrous and chewy)
2. Rub coconut on your hands and massage into the kale
3. Toss with salt
4. Bake at 150C in the oven for about 10-15 mins turning them over half way, until crispy

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