Saturday, 26 May 2012

Week one of 'diet experiment'

So it's been one week since the start of my lil experiment.
 Here's my food diary for the week:

Fri - grassfed beef top round, strawberries, an avocado,  organic elderberry syrup (low sugar)
Sat - 1 tbsp raw honey, rare grassfed beef top round with some suet, ginger and spring onions, 1 small avocado, handful strawberries
Sun - ground beef/lamb with spices, onions, garlic and peas, with some white rice
Mon - meat stew (oxtail, lamb breast and neck cooked in red wine with garlic and sprouted cabbage tops), grassfed beef top round, a bit of vanilla yogurt (grass fed unhomogenized guernsey milk), spicy mackerel cooked in coconut oil, elderberry syrup
Tues - small amount of basmati rice, spinach chicken curry, handful of blueberries
Wed - leftover meat stew, plain yogurt with some maple syrup, blueberries, strawberries, choc pudding (almond butter, avocado, cocoa powder, brown rice syrup)
Thurs - leftover meat stew, spicy mackerel in coconut oil, curtido, strawberries, almond butter
Fri - mackerel, curtido, strawberries, blueberries, primal lemon curd, whey

So, I think I did ok this week. Not perfect. But not bad either. I ate lots of berries, because my mum kept getting cheap organic fruit on offer for me, and we had a bit of a heatwave, and I like to eat berries frozen :)
Wednesday was a bit of a fail, as I had an exam and when I came home just wanted to treat myself (also had a ton of avocados that needed using up hence the pudding!). The elderberry syrup is also there as I came down with a sore throat and some sniffles (first time in a long time! Worst timing ever though :/)

I tracked everything on cronometer and here some important stats for my average daily intake:

Calories - 1267 net
Fat - 68g
Protein - 100g
Carbs - 62g
Sugar - 22g
Fiber - 8.5g

Calories are pretty low, but fiber is a bit higher than I would have liked, as is sugar (due to the fruit). Next week I'll work on lower fiber, slightly less protein, more fat and less sugar!

What differences have I noticed so far?

- A flatter stomach. It was amazing, I noticed a flatter stomach in the first few days and even after meals, as I was eating less in one go.
-My sleep was also slightly improved. Unfortunately I started this at the same time I came on with a bit of a sore throat/stuffy nose, but even then my sleep was pretty darn good



  2. Thanks sully! Been reading yor updates, making me crave raw meat hehe