Saturday, 10 March 2012

It's 5am and I got some deep stuff to talk about.

I went through a bit of a health scare yesterday/today. Ok maybe that's a bit dramatic. But it's been painful and uncomfortable and annoying. I had bad cramps which developed into lower left back pain that was similar to these bouts I had a couple of years back. I was never really diagnosed though my primary doc thought it might have been small kidney stones that resolved on their own. I was eating zero carb at the time and not drinking enough water, and eating too much dairy, so after eating some more carbs, drinking more water and sticking to high fat dairy only, it never happened again. (until POSSIBLY now, though  i don't know for sure). Anyway, during my worst pain, I started thinking..."wow we so take our health for granted when we're healthy"....or at least I do. I looked back on some things that happened recently that stressed me out, and thought...everything passes, everything changes. Some things are just not worth fretting over. One needs to focus on the important things :health, happiness, love, friends/family...
And as one who truly believes psychological stress/pain can manifest as physical health problems, avoiding negative emotions and stress is very important.

Anyway I'm still in a little pain. It's 4:30am in London town and I'm sitting at my computer desk listening to soul and typing away as quietly as I can, with a hot water bottle tucked between my back and the chair. But I'm feeling really happy. In a weird "I'm still a bit uncomfortable and I wish I was asleep, but am also feeling pretty amazing" kinda way.

I've vowed to never take my health for granted, and to be grateful each and every day that i am alive, and healthy. I have been a bit slack with my diet lately (overeating, especially on treats that although may be much healthier for you, are probably not good on a regular basis), and i haven't been meditating or spending time in nature etc as much as i want. I'm going to start focusing on living a much cleaner life now. I hope this feeling I'm feeling right now can be maintained. I'm sure I'll slip up sometimes. I'm only human. But I'll try, baby, oh yes I will. Because the pain of discipline is much better than suffering the pain of regret. (ofcourse this phrase doesn't apply to absolutely everything in life ;) )

And even if you are not fully healthy, you are alive. And living. You're able to read this post right now. Things could be so much worse. Negative thinking never got anyone anywhere, and it's a total waste of time. Sometimes we focus so much on what may be wrong or what we don't like, realizing life is all about balance. There are tons of  good things to focus on, we just need to find them! All of us have something to be grateful for, whether it's that we feel no pain in this very moment, that we can see and appreciate the lovely yellow daffodils that are springing up everywhere, that we have people in our lives we can count on, that we have a roof over our head and food to eat, etc etc..

Happiness is everything. What's life without it? I hope you, dear reader, can feel as blessed and grateful and wonderful as I am right now. Take care of yourself. Pass on the trans fat laden fries and sugar/wheat-bombs that is cake. You're better than that shit and you know it. Get away from that computer for a while. Go and appreciate the beauty of this world...the wonderful trees that try to keep our atmosphere clean, the colourful daffodils and roses and tulips and buttercups, the salt sea mist, the wide ocean, the wonderful animals and wildlife that coexist with us on this magnificent planet. Listen to your favourite music. Dance like no-one is watching, even if they are. Call your best friend/your sister/brother/mother/father and tell 'em how much you love them. Or better yet go hang out with them. Go study/work on that project you've been meaning to do instead of procrastinating, and reward yourself with a wholesome, happy thing/treat afterwards. Achieve your goals and dreams. Don't wait till tomorrow. Do it now. There ain't nothing you can't achieve. Quit makin' excuses. You can fucking do it. 

 Be healthy and happy and grateful, and realize that you are awesome. You ↓ and you ↑ and you → and you ← and you ↗ and you ↘ and you ↗ and even you!↙ 

It's past 5am, I'ma listen to this, then this and try and get some shut eye now.

Happy whatever-the-fuck-this-day-is, friends! :)