Friday, 11 November 2011

Kids are wise

11/11/11. Today my brother got married! It was a lovely ceremony, in the English town of Reading (where they first started dating). There was the actual registry (where I was an official witness to their marriage along with the bride's brother), the hilarious moment when we found out my brother was wearing Spiderman socks on his wedding day, lots of photos, throwing confetti and  then a long but fun lunch (where i deviated quite a bit from my usual 'diet' but without the guilt and worry of a past self - more on this in a future post)  at a nearby restaurant.

One of my favourite parts of today, however, was hanging out with my two cousins (ages 9 and 13). It was just so refreshing to joke around and have banter with KIDS. I've always enjoyed spending time with children. Sometimes I'd rather hang out with them than adults. Their innocence, their lack of deception, relative lack of following 'convention' and social norms, their ability to see the world from a unique perspective

They had their ipads/iphones ( I don't even know what exactly, I don't bother with keeping up to date with technological advancements seen as almost everything I touch breaks!) and were playing games which I joined in with. I have to say, I don't agree with kids these days spending so much time playing computer games etc when it's much healthier (emotionally and physically) to be outdoors. But whatever, it was fun playign shark games, and generally talking to them about funny youtube videos and more. Something that stuck out to me though, was when I asked their ages again to make sure. And they said I'm practically a kid too. I said "I'm 21, that's pretty much an adult! I feel so old!", and then they started talking about what makes you a grown-up. The 9 year old said "You're a grown up when you sit when you'd rather jump" and a few others which were generally about how you're a grown up when you're boring or serious etc. And i thought that's so true. You're not old until you stop enjoying life and living it to the full. I loved these guy's perspective on what it means to be a grown up. If you want to run and jump and shout and just have fun and be are not a grown up! Well, you know what? I may be 21 but I plan on being a kid forever! :D

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  1. When I spend time with my cousin Zahi who is now 1 I gain so much more than just good times, memories and happiness. I learn so much from watching him. He's such a happy soul, only does what makes him smile, laugh or satisfy his curiosity (he's very curious of my blackberry (So many buttons :o !!)). He's happy because he makes himself happy, he doesn't have to abide by any customs or social norms, he's just himself, more truly than anyone. He is pure and unadulterated personality.

    I try my best to do the same but it is difficult but I suppose all things become easier with practice. What I guess I'm trying to say is that we all deserve to be happy, and we should let go of what society tells us to be the norm and just be are pure self.