Sunday, 30 October 2011

Last of the summer icecream

Aaah my first post. The first (chocolatey) mark on an otherwise clean, fresh blog. What better way to kick things off than with my last batch of icecream, made not too long ago. One of my favourite things about summer is fresh raw jersey cream - that delicious yellow liquid gold, so thick you gotta shake the bottle to get it to come out. Mixed with a few egg yolks, carob powder, cocoa powder and sweetener, poured into my stainless steel non electric icecream maker, and eaten right from the bowl in the sunny garden, I can't think of many better things about summer.
This recipe is based on the icecream recipe in the book Nourishing traditions. It can be made without the cocoa/carob for vanilla ice cream.

I never really measure stuff out, just add enough sweetener/cocoa till it suits my taste. If you like things a little chocolatey-er (i know that's not a real word) or sweeter (or even less) feel free to play around!


2 C raw cream
2 egg yolks
2 tsp arrowroot 
1/2 C rice syrup (or preferred sweetener. Note that if you use stevia or a sugarfree sweetener, the icecream will not be as creamy, but this can be solved by adding a dash of vodka)
1 T vanilla extract (or vanilla seeds)
1.5 T cocoa powder
1 T carob powder (or replace with cocoa)

Mix ingredients till smooth, chill, pour into icecream maker :)

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